Economic Growth

The economy is steadily improving, but there is still much work to be done. Congresswoman Lowey believes our federal government can play a key role in fostering economic growth. She is fighting to secure investments in New York infrastructure, workers, and businesses to facilitate job creation through:

  • Investments in our roads, bridges, broadband lines, power grids, and other critical infrastructure to create jobs and build for the future;
  • Meaningful tax relief and bigger paychecks for hardworking New York families; and
  • Resources to help local businesses create innovative products and services, grow, and hire.

Investing in Our Future

Investing in roads, bridges, broadband lines, water and sewage treatment facilities, and power grids is critical to creating jobs as well as repairing aging infrastructure networks.  That is why Congresswoman Lowey:

  • Supports a comprehensive, long-term transportation funding bill to upgrade our nation’s crumbling infrastructure;
  • Supports creating a National Infrastructure Bank, which would provide loans and bonds to finance the rehabilitation and rebuilding of critical infrastructure assets;
  • Helped secure federal funding to widen and repair local roads and highways like Short Clove Road in Haverstraw and the Route 120 Bridge in Chappaqua; and
  • Helped secure federal funding to construct and consolidate the fresh water supply for the Villages of Briarcliff Manor, Tarrytown, and Sleepy Hollow.

Supporting Workers

Congresswoman Lowey is fighting to make it easier for hardworking New Yorkers to own a home, send kids to college, and enjoy a secure retirement. Lowey supports:

  • Making the income tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003, and extended in 2010, permanent for  nearly all families;
  • Providing the same transit tax benefit to commuters who use mass transit as those who drive to work;
  • Reduce the impact of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) for most middle-class families, which was originally conceived to ensure the wealthiest pay their fair share but affects more middle-class families every year;
  • Raising the federal minimum wage so individuals and families can achieve economic independence; and
  • Ensure that women are paid equally for equal work.

Helping Small Businesses

Congresswoman Lowey believes small businesses are the lifeblood of our local and national economy, and has an agenda to help ensure they are able to continue creating innovative products and services, expand, and hire.

To learn more about Congresswoman Lowey’s small business agenda, please click here.

Helping Veterans Find Good Jobs

It is unacceptable that so many brave men and women who served our nation in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world have difficulty finding jobs when their service ends.  That is why Congresswoman Lowey supports the American Heroes Act, which would:

  • Provide tax credits and other incentives to businesses and government contractors to encourage hiring the brave men and women who have gained valuable skills in the Armed Forces; and
  • Ensure our men and women in uniform are career-ready when they leave the military.

Reducing the Deficit

To govern is to make tough choices, and Lowey is working with her colleagues in a responsible and bipartisan way to protect vital services and investments that grow our economy while reducing the deficit.  American families have to live within their means, and Congress must do the same.  That is why Congresswoman Lowey voted for more than $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction that has been enacted.

For more information about Congresswoman Lowey's efforts to reduce the deficit responsibly, please click here.