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I want to hear how health care reform has helped you

Only a few years ago, millions of Americans across the country did not have access to affordable, quality health care. A single trip to the hospital could deplete a family's life savings; one illness could cost them their home. In 2010, enactment of the Affordable Care Act was a giant step toward affordable, quality care for millions who had been unable to get the coverage they needed. Insurance companies are no longer allowed to discriminate based on gender, pre-existing condition, or age. Young Americans can stay on their parents' insurance until age 26, and millions of older Americans can finally afford the prescription drugs they badly need. And these protections were extended to all Americans, not just those who had been previously uninsured.

More than 20 million Americans across the country, over 930,000 of them in New York, became insured through the ACA, many for the first time. More than 6 million New Yorkers no longer have lifetime limits, and 359,000 saved money on prescription drugs as a result of closing the "donut hole" Medicare gap in coverage. Our nation's uninsured rate reached its lowest point ever. But more important than the numbers are the hard-working Americans whose lives were saved by these reforms, who no longer lived in fear because they finally had access to the quality, affordable care they needed.

Now President Trump and Congressional Republicans want to throw the health care system back into chaos, and I want to hear directly from you. I'm asking you to help me fight for the progress we've made by sharing your story. Please take a moment to tell me how health reform has helped you or someone you love receive the care all Americans deserve. 

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