Representative Nita Lowey

Representing the 17th District of New York

2018 Tax Survey

Did YOU Prepay Your State and Local Taxes?

I voted against the tax scam because it will force 86 million middle-class families to pay more in taxes and unfairly harm New Yorkers by reducing the deduction for their state and local taxes. Now that the bill is law, I am working hard to fight against its sweeping implications, particularly the increased tax burden for those who rely on the state and local tax deduction.

Now, I want to hear from you. Did YOU prepay your 2018 state or local taxes to try to secure the full deduction for them? Click below to take my survey below.


In January, I introduced the SALT Deductibility Act with Republican Congressman Peter King to restore the state and local income tax deduction in its entirety. I also sent a letter to the IRS urging the agency to honor the effort, time, and money New York families put into prepaying their state and local taxes before December 31st by allowing a full deduction in tax year 2017.

Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts on this issue. For my actions on the tax bill and to learn more about my efforts to protect Lower Hudson Valley taxpayers, visit my Facebook page.